3 Causes of Your Freezer Freezing Up (And How to Handle Them)


The freezer compartment of your refrigerator is essential because it helps you preserve your food on ice. For this reason, regular inspection and maintenance of your freezer is crucial for its performance as well as service life. Freezers may develop some problems over time. One major issue you may have with your freezer is freezing or frost build-up. Frozen or iced-up freezer coils will reduce its cooling capacity because in most cases, the ice of frost will block your freezer's ventilation fans. Therefore, have a look at these 3 major causes and solutions to a frozen freezer.

You Have to Much Empty Space in Your Freezer

The way you use your freezer compartment can cause frost build-up inside. Having too much empty space in your freezer means the amount of air inside is also high. Too much air facilitates ice build-up when the air starts condensing. Therefore, make it a habit to stuff your freezer with foodstuff to reduce the amount of air in that compartment. However, when doing this, avoid placing hot foodstuffs directly into the freezer. When the steam from these foods will condense, you may end up with a lot of ice in the freezer. Also, it would be a good idea to use small packages of food because even if they freeze up, they tend to thaw quicker than larger items do.

Your Freezer Door Gasket or Seal Has a Leak

Your freezer door gasket or seal prevents humid air from outside from entering the compartment. If the air finds its way inside the freezer, it will condense as it passes over the coils and eventually freeze. Usually, leaks are a result of damaged freezer door gaskets or seals. If visual inspection doesn't show any signs of damage, try the dollar bill test. Simply close your freezer door on the bill then try pulling it out gently. For a properly functioning freezer door gasket or seal, the bill should not slide out. However, if you manage to pull the bill out, the gasket or seal is faulty and should be replaced.

Your Defrost Mechanism is Faulty

Three major components make up the defrost system: the defrost timer, the defrost thermostat, and the defrost heater. The defrost timer is the easiest to troubleshoot because the other two have to be tested for continuity using a multimeter, which is best left for a professional. To find out whether the timer is the problem, turn it in a clockwise direction until you hear it click. You can do this by hand or a screwdriver depending on the model of your unit. For a working timer, the fans as well as the compressor will go off on the first click and the defrost heater will come on. Turn the timer again for a second click and this time, the defrost heater should shut off and your compressor will start running. If none of this happens, consider replacing the timer.  

For more information about freezer repair, contact a professional.


12 May 2017

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