Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Maintenance


As an essential installment that makes life more comfortable, your air conditioning prevents even the hottest of days making you sweat. However, it's easy to put air conditioning maintenance to the back of your mind until it begins to show telltale signs of needing attention.

You're starting to feel the heat anyway 

If you're starting to feel hot despite cranking your system up to the highest setting, it requires maintenance. This is often due to a defective compressor or low Freon levels, both of which are essential for making the air cool. In some instances, this may mean replacing the unit rather than repairing it. Similarly, if the temperatures become inconsistent, opt for repairs before you find yourself needing a replacement.

There's a strange smell in your house

If you begin to notice strange smells from the moment your air conditioning gets into gear, you may need to clean the filter. This is an easy enough task to perform at home; just isolate the system from all electrics before cleaning it. If you're not confident, you can always call on a professional to carry the task out for you.

It's noisier than usual

All air conditioner systems give off noise from time to time, but if yours is particularly loud or there's a change, you may find a component needs replacing. Telltale noises to listen out for include squeaking and grinding, both of which indicate an essential part is out of place. In addition, fans that become louder are a sign that the mechanics aren't working properly, and this often precipitates fluctuating changes in temperature or your air conditioner failing to keep the room cool.

Moisture is building around the unit

Your system connects to drain tubes that allow moisture to slide away without causing any issues. If moisture begins to drip from your unit or gather around it, you may find the drains are blocked. This could lead to mold and mildew, which means it warrants prompt attention. In some cases, refrigerant starts to drip from the system. If this happens, seek out a repair service promptly, as refrigerant is a health hazard. If the moisture is dripping outside, however, you can pass this off as being normal.

You don't have to wait until telltale signs appear to use an air conditioning maintenance service. Using one on a yearly basis can prevent breakdowns, making it a sound investment that becomes cost-effective as time goes on. 


5 June 2017

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