5 Tips for Using Cold Rooms in Hot Weather


If you're hosting an event outside or if you're catering an outdoor party, you may need to hire a cold room. Unfortunately, if it's hot outside, that can take a toll on the cold room. If you're dealing with hot weather, you may want to keep the following tips in mind.

1. Make Sure You Have Ample Fuel

With cold room hire, you generally get a cold room that needs to be connected to electricity or one that runs from a generator. If you're in a situation where you're going to be using a generator, keep in mind that the generator will be running over time in the heat. To keep it going, you may want to have more fuel on hand than you'd normally use.

2. Place the Cold Room in the Shade

If the sun is beating down on your cold room, that will raise the temperatures inside the cold room. To reduce that effect, try to place your cold room in a shady spot. Under a large leafy tree or in the shadow of a building can work perfectly. If that's not possible, you may even want to hire a canopy to place over your cold room.

3. Put in Cold Items

It's easier for a cold room to keep items cold than it is for it to cool items down. To ease the strain on your cold room, don't put in warm items. Instead, only put in cold items. If you are bringing items from the cold room at your restaurant, the fridge at your home or any other space, focus on getting those items into the cold room as quickly as possible.

4. Opt for PVC Strip Doors

You and your staff are going to need to go in and out of the cold room throughout the event. Unfortunately, every time you open the door, you let warm air into the space. That heats up the area and forces the motor to work even harder. To avoid that, try to limit how often people go in and out of the cool room. Also, hire a cool room that has PVC strip curtains over the door. They help lock in the cool air.

5. Look for Doors With Locks

If a door is left hanging open, the warm air will also rush in. To prevent that from happening, you may want to opt for a cold room with a lock on the door. Then, hang a sign reminding everyone to make sure the door is closed tightly, and that should help take care of the issue.


6 December 2017

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