5 Items You Need for Portafilter Maintenance


When you have a coffee machine from a brand like La Marzocco, you rely on it to produce coffee that tastes good and impresses your customers. However, if your machine gets dirty and full of old coffee oils, that can compromise the flavour of your coffee. To avoid that, you need to maintain your machine. In particular, you need to clean out the portafilters once in a while. Here's what you need for the process

New Portafilter Screens

Every shot of espresso that you brew comes through the portafilter screens. If these screens are full of debris, your drinks won't taste as good. To protect your flavour, you should invest in new portafilter screens. As you will learn below, replacing these screens is pretty straightforward.


You also need gaskets. These are the round rubber rings that fit in your portafilter just above the screens. They ensure a tight fit, and they prevent water from getting into parts of the machine where it's not supposed to be. Without gaskets, your machine may develop mould. Remember that all gaskets are different, so you should make sure you order one that is designed to be used with your machine.

Flathead Screwdriver

In addition to the above essentials, you also need a flathead screwdriver. Use this screwdriver to loosen the screw holding in the distributing jet. Once that part is gone, you should be able to pull out the portafilter screen.

90-Degree Pick

This gives you the angle you need to remove your gasket. To get a good view, you need to get low so that you can see up toward the portafilter. Then, you should see two slots on either side of the head. Put in the pick and move it around until you feel it catch the gasket. Then, pull out the gasket.

In some cases, old gaskets are brittle, and they may break. If that happens, you just need to put the pick in the other side and pull out the rest of the gasket.


You can buy the right kind of lube from someone who specialises in La Marzocco repairs or repairs for whatever brand of machine you have. Apply the lube to one side of the gasket. Then, line up the gasket with the portafilter and push the gasket in place.

Finally, make sure that the holes in the distributing jet are clear. If not, soak in hot water until the debris dissolves. Then, put in the new screen with the distributing jets, and secure it in place with your flathead screwdriver.


15 June 2018

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